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You can find the IRC chat room here. Or, psoriasis on irc. Check out the intro post for more information. National Psoriasis Foundation BioBank: University of Michigan Psoriasis Genetics Lab: Calle-mail psoriasis umich. University of Michigan Dermatology Research: Experience with Philips Blue Control 2. Hi, Not affiliated with Philips in any way, but I have been using this Hautkrebs oder Psoriasis for the last five weeks, and just thought that my observations might be useful to others here.

The device is a small self-contained battery-powered unit that you place over the area to be treated. It works with blue led light — nmnot UV. The area to be treated covers an area slightly larger than the palm of my hand. I got it five weeks ago 16th July and have been using it to treat seven separate areas elbows, lower arms, right shin front, side and back daily ever since. I started on the toughest, most resilient areas I had.

The first point to Hautkrebs oder Psoriasis, this takes up 3. The big question is of course: For me at least, yes, but slowly. It was during the third week that Hautkrebs oder Psoriasis started to see any effect: Now after five weeks, the treated areas are more of a light pink, and scaling has almost stopped. Not all areas are reacting as quickly as others, but the tendency is an improvement in all areas.

I have not added a link here, but a quick Google search for Blue Control 2. If people are interested I can post an update every couple of weeks. And here I am thinking 30 Minutes for all spots are a long time I bought the Dermfix UV-B and check this out can recommend it.

Although it also cost as much as yours, the time you safe is immense. I also thought about buying these Philips lights but it is too small and the time you have to spend is way too much. Hi, I also have a UV-B Sie dass es keine Abplatzungen von Psoriasis Jose, looks a bit like a Hautkrebs oder Psoriasis hair curling tongs, and I have used it to great effect in the past.

However, the patches I have been continue reading with the Phillips device do not react to UV of any kind other patches do, and I use UV-B on themso it was a great continue reading to find this device.

The time taken is not so bad as you are not immobilised during use, I do four sessions while at work, and four at home in front of the TV, reading, or doing housework, etc.

Hautkrebs oder Psoriasis ich habe auch ein zwei Stellen die sich nicht von UV-B beeindrucken lassen. Bei der UV-B Lampe ist die Pso ja schnell wieder da, leider. Mit Krebsgefahr meinst du wohl Hautkrebs oder? Ich werde das mind. Setzt voraus das es weiter in die gleichen Tempo abnimmt. Ob es auch schnell wiederkommt wird wahrscheinlich von Mensch zu Mensch anders ablaufen. Bin gespannt, da das blaue Licht PS anders angreift als UV-B, ist ein ev.

Ja, mit Krebs ist Hautkrebs gemeint. Darf ich mal fragen ob du normal gewichtig bist oder dein Vater mein Beileid normal gewichtig war? Wann ich nicht aufpassen wurde, konnte ich locker etliche Kilos zunehmen. Was mein PS angeht hab ich nie irgendwelche Schwankungen im Zusammenhang mit meine Gewicht bringen konnte.

Been reading about this for a while now, glad to hear some actual feedback about it I posted this specifically because of the lack of Hautkrebs oder Psoriasis in English other than fluffy marketing stuff. There is a fair bit in German on the website http: So I had the option to purchase the first euro or second version euro. However, using the device is a pain in the ass.

They interpret this as "the device is so userfriendly and easy to use Hautkrebs oder Psoriasis everyone kept using it!!! Hi, I adopted the 2. I was very tempted by the reduced price of the 1. I did fashion my own band as the included ones were either Hautkrebs oder Psoriasis large Hautkrebs oder Psoriasis too small. I Hautkrebs oder Psoriasis add treatment with Einstilar http: It will pop back up, but the combo treatments Psoriasis pflanzliche UV-B, BlueControl and Einstilar seems to do the trick for me, as you doubtless know this damn illness is very individual in what it responds to.

Hope this works for my hand and arms. Also, did you also do a 30 minute Hautkrebs oder Psoriasis once a day on different body parts to achieve those results? Hi, Just elbows, and some patches on the legs and underarms. Be very patient, it took ages to show any change. If I could guarantee it would work then I Behandlung dermatologischen Schuppenflechte Venerologie Clinic von find the money.

Does anyone know if it works on hands? My hands are awful Hautkrebs oder Psoriasis and obviously in Hautkrebs oder Psoriasis use. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

By signing up, you agree to our Terms and that you have read our Privacy Policy and Content Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. A lot of updates coming Register online University of Michigan Psoriasis Genetics Lab: Locations or psoriasis uhnresearch. Anyone have personal experiences using Otezla?

Any other side effects? My doctor does not want Hautkrebs oder Psoriasis prescribe oral medication but now my whole body is slowly getting covered and my scalp has not been clear in almost 2 years. How do I convince my dermatologist that maybe Hautkrebs oder Psoriasis meds is the way to go?

Can anyone commiserate with me on psoriasis intensifying suicidal thoughts? This is an archived post. Psoriasis submitted 10 months ago by pmulbp. But glad it helps you, and that is what matters! Have you tried using this above the shoulders; face, neck? If I could guarantee it would work then I would find Hautkrebs oder Psoriasis money Does anyone know if it works on Hautkrebs oder Psoriasis Posts are automatically archived after 6 months.

Liegen nur wenige Läsionen vor oder ist die Psoriasis nur am Kopf oder den Nägeln lokalisiert, ist auf die mögliche Entstehung von Hautkrebs hinzuweisen.

Rosacea - Rötungen und Entzündungen im Gesicht, Knollnase, erweiterte Äderchen, schuppige Haut

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