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UV-Filter-Kapsel UV filter capsule. Die vorliegende Erfindung betrifft UV-Filter-Kapseln, deren Verwendung zur Herstellung kosmetischer oder dermatologischer Formulierungen bzw. Dispersionen und kosmetische oder dermatologische Formulierungen, welche die Kapseln enthalten, Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar Verfahren zu deren Herstellung.

The present invention relates to UV-filter capsules, the use thereof for producing cosmetic or dermatological formulations or dispersions and cosmetic or dermatological formulations, which contain the capsules, as well as methods for their preparation. It is generally known that the ultraviolet part of the solar radiation has a damaging Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar on the skin.

Ozone Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar are absorbed Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar the atmosphere, rays in the range between nm and Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar, the so-called UVB range, cause erythema, simple sunburn or even more or less severe burns.

Also for the rays in the range between about nm and nm UVA region it has been proven that they lead to damage of the elastic and collagenous fibers of connective tissue, which causes the Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar prematurely.

Ferner sind diese Strahlen Ursache zahlreicher phototoxischer und photoallergischer Reaktionen. Further, these rays cause of numerous phototoxic and photoallergic reactions. The harmful effect of UVB radiation can be intensified by UVA radiation. However, UV radiation can also lead to photochemical reactions, in which case ism the photochemical reaction products in the Hautmetabo.

Furthermore, UV radiation is ionizing radiation. There is therefore the risk that ionic species formed during UV exposure, which in turn oxidatively able to intervene click the following article the biochemical processes.

Whereas conventional sunscreen in cosmetics and dermatology are therefore also divided into UVA and UVB filters. In Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar of the above embodiments is to provide cosmetic products with an improved, more effective or optimized protection of human skin against the harmful effects of UV-A and UV-B radiation is of great importance.

It is particularly desirable to provide formulations which achieve a desired effect with the least possible quantity of the individual components. Substanzen verhindert deren optimalen Einsatz. Substances prevents their optimal use. Ethylhexyltriazone excellent UV absorption properties, but these UV filters can be solved only limited in cosmetic oils and can be Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar in a number of.

Formulierungen nur zu relativ geringen Anteilen eingearbeitet werden, wodurch der durch diesen Filter zu erreichende Schutzfaktor limitiert wird. Formulations only be incorporated in relatively Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar proportions, whereby the achievable by this filter protection factor is limited. Therefore, there remains a visit web page for improved dosage forms of poorly soluble organic UV filters which allow the use of or the use of these UV filters in large quantity.

A water-soluble or dispersed dosage form does not yet for Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar. Suitable capsules here can have walls of inorganic or organic polymers. For example, the production of suitable capsules with walls or a shell of chitin, chitin derivatives Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar polyhydroxylated polyamines described in US 6, Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar. Preference is Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar here in turn to capsules whose walls or shell of silica gel silica; undefined Siliciumoxidhydroxid are constructed or is.

The production of corresponding capsules is the skilled worker, for example from the cited patent applications known to the relevant contents expressly also belong to the present application. Capsules used preferably consist accordingly of a shell and a core. The aqueous solution from step b is primarily to accelerate the underlying condensation polymerization reaction which causes the structure of the shell. After an appropriate reaction time, in which the mixture can also be heated or cooled or changed the pH value, the resulting capsules by means which are familiar to the expert, can be isolated.

For example, you may be centrifuged or filtered. A particularly preferred type of isolation is spray-drying. This means that in step c in addition to the separation of the reaction products from the sol-gel precursor, if necessary, can be isolated UV filter capsules.

Typically UV filter capsules according to the invention is obtained after step c a dispersion or suspension containing a form in which they can be used directly in cosmetic or dermatological preparations.

Also, a re-suspension of the isolated capsules in, for example, deionized water or in another medium is also conceivable and suitable for use in the inventive preparations. As a sol-gel precursor is source metal or semi-metal alkoxide monomer, a metal esters, semi metal esters or a partially hydrolyzed and partially condensed polymer or a mixture thereof may be used.

Suitable and preferred sol-gel precursors are compounds of the formula M R n P m, wherein M is a metal or semimetal, Si 1, R is preferably a hydrolyzable substituent has and n is an integer from 2 to 4, P is a non- polymerizable substituent and m represents an integer of 0 to 4, or of a partially hydrolysed or partially condensed polymer thereof, or any mixture. Insbesondere bevorzugt wird Tetraethylorthosilikat oder ein partiell hydrolysiertes oder partiell Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar Polymer davon oder eine Mischung davon in dem zuvor beschriebenen Verfahren eingesetzt.

Particularly preferred tetraethyl orthosilicate or a partially Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar or partially condensed polymer thereof or Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar mixture Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar in the method Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar above is used.

Very particularly preferably tetraethyl orthosilicate is used as the sol-gel precursor. Further details are disclosed in the embodiments. Bei Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar Triazinderivaten sind die Verbindungen 2 ,4,6-Tris-[anilino- p-carbo- In the triazine derivatives are the compounds 2, 4,6-tris [anilino p-carbo.

Particularly preferred are the triazine derivatives 2. Cycloalkyl oder C 3 -C- Cycloalkyl or C Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar -C 0 -Cycloalkenyl bedeuten, bevorzugt. Bei den Hydroxybenzophenonen sind die Verbindungen der allgemeinen In the hydroxybenzophenones, the compounds are of the general. Formel III, Formula III. Methylethyl, n-Butyl, 1 -Methylpropyl- 2-Methylpropyl, 1 ,1-Dimethylethyl, n- Pentyl, 1-Methylbutyl, 2-Methylbutyl, 3-Methylbutyl, 2,2-Dimethylpropyl, 1- Ethylpropyl, n-Hexyl, 1 ,1-Dimethylpropyl, 1 ,2-Dimethylpropyl, 1- Methylpentyl, 2-Methylpentyl, 3-Methylpentyl, 4-MethyJpentyl, 1 ,1- Dimethylbutyl, 1 ,2-Dimethylbutyl, 1 ,3-Dimethylbutyl, 2,2-Dime-thylbutyl, 2,3- Dimethylbutyl, 3,3-Dimethylbutyl, 1-Ethylbutyl, 2-Ethylbutyl, Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar ,12- Trimethylpropyl, 1 ,2,2-Trimethylpropyl, 1-Ethylmethylpropyl, 1 -Ethyl methylpropyl, n-Heptyl, n-Octyl, learn more here, n-Nonyl, n-Decyl, n-Undecyl, n-Dodecyl, n-Tridecyl, n-Tetradecyl, n-Pentadecyl, n-Hexadecyl, n- Heptadecyl, Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar, n-Nonadecyl oder n-Eicosyl genannt.

Methylethyl, n-butyl, 1 -Methylpropyl- 2-methylpropyl, Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar, 1-dimethylethyl, n-pentyl, 1-methylbutyl, 2-methylbutyl, 3-methylbutyl, 2,2-dimethylpropyl, 1-ethylpropyl, n-hexyl1, 1-dimethylpropyl, 1, 2-dimethylpropyl, 1- methylpentyl, 2-methylpentyl, 3-methylpentyl, 4-MethyJpentyl, 1, 1- dimethylbutyl, 1, 2-dimethylbutyl, 1, 3-dimethylbutyl, 2,2 -DIME-thylbutyl, 2,3-dimethylbutyl, 3,3-dimethylbutyl, 1-ethylbutyl, 2-ethylbutyl, 1, 1, 2- trimethylpropyl, 1, 2,2-trimethylpropyl, 1-ethylmethylpropyl, 1 ethylmethylpropyl, n-heptyl, n-octyl, 2-ethylhexyl, n-nonyl, n-decyl, n-undecyl, Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar, n-tridecyl, n-tetradecyl, n-pentadecyl, n-hexadecyln-heptadecyl, n-octadecyl, n-nonadecyl or n-eicosyl mentioned.

Alkenyl radicals are substituents of formulas Il or Psoriasis-Behandlung am Toten Meer Preise für are branched or unbranched C 2 -Cio-alkenyl, preferably vinyl, propenyl, isopropenyl, 1-butenyl, 2-butenyl, 1-pentenyl, 2-pentenyl, Metzger Psoriasis Video - butenyl2-methylbutenyl, 3-methylbutenyl, 1-hexenyl, 2-hexenyl, 1-heptenyl, 2-heptenyl, 1-octenyl or 2-octenyl mentioned.

As cycloalkenyl Psoriasis Kenalog of substituents of formulas Il or III are preferably branched or unbranched, C 3 -Cio-Cycloalkenylketten with one or more double bonds, such as cyclopropenyl, cyclobutenyl, cyclopentenyl, cyclopentadienyl, cyclohexenyl, 1, 3-cyclohexadienyl, 1, 4-cyclohexadienyl, cycloheptenylcycloheptatrienyl, cyclooctenyl, 1, 5-cyclooctadienyl, cyclooctatetraenyl, cyclononenyl Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar cyclodecyl mentioned.

Compounds are also described in FRwhose contents are hereby incorporated by reference. In a preferred embodiment, the UV filter capsules of the invention comprise mixtures of the abovementioned sparingly soluble UV filters.

Preferably, the number "n" is an integer from 3 to 11, preferably 4 to 10, particularly preferably 5 to 9, most preferably 6 to 8. In a preferred embodiment, Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar is it in the compound of general formula I by N, N-Dimethyldecanamid CAS no. A statement in go here regard is given in the embodiments. OU bis 90 Gew. OU to 90 wt. Preferably, therefore, consists of the capsule contents of the capsules of the invention, ie, the core of which at least one organic low-solubility UV filter and the emollient, mixtures of organic sparingly soluble UV filters, as described above and Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar emollient or generally mixtures of at least one low-solubility organic UV filter and soluble organic UV filters in the emollient, which is capable of at room check this out 20 0 C to 25 0 C sparingly soluble organic UV filters with larger 40 wt.

Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar preferred combinations here disclosed in the claims. Ganz besonders bevorzugt besteht der Kern aus Ethylhexyl Triazone und N,N-Dimethyldecanimid.

Very particularly preferably, the core consists of Ethylhexyl Triazone and N, N-Dimethyldecanimid. The UV filter capsules according to the invention are further characterized in that the core or capsule content of UV filter capsule to under a at least one low-solubility UV filter and said under b Emollient in weight ratio Im Einzelnen ergeben sich durch die Verkapselung folgende Vorteile: Specifically arise from the encapsulation following advantages: Therefore, the low-solubility organic UV filters can be incorporated into purely aqueous formulations.

Thereby, the organic low-solubility organic UV filters are generally incorporated as an end product in both the oil and in the water phase of the cosmetic or dermatological preparation. This allows the total content increase in cosmetic formulations. If a sparingly soluble UV filters present in the organic phase and the inventively encapsulated sparingly Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar UV filters in the aqueous phase before, it is a so-called "boost" effect observed.

In der Literatur wird immer wieder die Hautpenetration durch organische UV-Filter und das damit verbundene Reizpotential beim direkten Auftragen auf die menschliche Haut diskutiert. In literature, the skin penetration is discussed by organic UV filters and the associated potential for irritation on direct application to the human skin is repeatedly. Durch die hier vorgeschlagene Verkapselung der entsprechenden Substanzen wird dieser Effekt unterbunden. The proposed here encapsulation of the corresponding substances, this effect is suppressed.

The careful Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar of special emollients, particularly the selection of N, N-Dimethyldecanamid Spectrasolv DMDA enables the solubility of the at least one low-solubility organic UV filter, as described above, in particular Ethylhexyltriazone, during encapsulation remains constant, that the UV filter does not crystallize, and thus a high loading of the capsule becomes possible.

The described system is also temperature-stable such that arises during the possible temperature variations in the manufacture of a stable capsule. Phenylbenzimidazolesulfonic acid, advantageously replace, since in this case the required Replied Schuppenflechte, was den Ellenbogen erscheint had regulation does not apply to access to stable preparations.

Preferably, the proportion of the UV filters-capsules according to the invention lies, as previously described, in a dispersion at 5 to 80 wt. In the embodiments, the water content of the dispersions described at about 60 wt. Another object of the invention is the use of the UV filter capsules according to the invention, as described above, or a dispersion containing the UV-filter capsules as described above and below for producing a preparation, in particular a cosmetic or dermatological preparation.

Another Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar of the invention is a dispersion or a suspension containing the UV-filter capsules according to the invention, as described above.

Preferably this dispersion is an aqueous dispersion, that is the dispersion medium is water. Dispersion media can also be any Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar suitable substances. Besonders geeignet sind mehrwertige Alkohole, zB Glycerin oder 1 ,2-Propandiol.

Particularly useful are polyhydric alcohols, for example glycerol or 1, 2-propanediol. The dispersion can also be a suitable mixture such as a glycerol-water mixture in any ratio. This is to pre-dispersions, on the one hand are themselves directly as cosmetic or dermatological preparation, and secondly, the production of Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar preparations containing a support, can facilitate.

Preferably, the carrier is suitable for topical purposes, ie, suitable for local, superficial insbesonder coatable form. The pre-dispersions according to the invention can Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar incorporated continue reading the water phase of each preparation, in particular in a cosmetic or dermatological preparation.

Another object of the invention is therefore a composition comprising at least one low-solubility organic UV filter and at least one suitable carrier, especially a value suitable for topical purposes carrier, characterized in that at least part of the low-solubility organic UV filter is present encapsulated namely in encapsulated form, such as for UV filter according to the invention described capsules.

Die Zubereitung kann die genannten notwendigen oder optionalen Bestandteile bzw. Inhaltsstoffe umfassen Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar enthalten, daraus im wesentlichen oder daraus bestehen.

The preparation, the said necessary or optional constituents or ingredients include or containing, consisting of or substantially therefrom. Alle Verbindungen oder All compounds or. Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar that can be used in the formulations are either known and commercially available or Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar be synthesized by known or methods described herein. Im Sinne der Erfindung wird der Begriff Zubereitung gleichbedeutend mit dem Begriff Formulierung oder Mittel verwendet.

According to the invention Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar term composition is used synonymously with the term formulation or agent. Are explicitly includes means for decorative cosmetics. Further comprising means for skin care, in which the pharmaceutically dermatological intended use is achieved taking cosmetic aspects. Such compositions or preparations are used for support, prevention and treatment of skin diseases and can have a biological effect in addition to the cosmetic effect.

This Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar a cosmetically acceptable medium suitable auxiliaries and additives Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar are chosen with regard to the particular field of use. Entwicklung, Herstellung und Anwendung kosmetischer Mittel, 2. Therefore, there is according to the invention for the preparation of formulations, in particular cosmetic or dermatological preparations, capsules containing according to the invention, for example the following procedure: The capsules in formulations of the invention are preferably present in amounts which ensure that the encapsulated UV filters are present in effective amounts in the formulation.

The size of the UV filter capsules according to the invention can vary from 0. The Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar is described in the execution part. Die Zubereitungen, insbesondere die kosmetischen oder dermatologischen Zubereitungen, bevorzugt mit The formulations, in particular cosmetic or dermatological preparations, preferably with.

Light-protection properties, can be in various forms. So they can eg. Emulsions containing the above-described formulation of the invention in or as the aqueous phase are, therefore, a further object of the present invention. Emulsions are advantageous and comprise. Example, the fats, oils, waxes and other fatty substances, as well as water and an emulsifier, as usually used for a composition of this type.

Isopropyl, isopropyl palmitate, isopropyl, isopropyl oleate, n-butyl stearate, n-hexyl laurate, n-decyl oleate, isooctyl stearate, Isononylstearat, isononyl isononanoate, 2-ethylhexyl palmitate, 2-ethylhexyl, 2-Hexaldecylstearat, 2-octyldodecyl, oleate, oleyl, erucyl cyloleat, erucyl erucate and synthetic, semi-synthetic and natural mixtures of such esters, for.

Palm kernel oil and the Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar. Any mixtures of such oil and wax components are advantageously for the purposes of the present invention. It may also be advantageous to use waxes, for example cetyl palmitate, as the sole lipid component of the oil phase. Advantageously, the oil phase is selected Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar the group 2-ethylhexyl isostearate, octyldodecanol, isotridecyl isoeicosane, 2-ethylhexyl cocoate, Ci 2 -i 5 alkyl benzoate, caprylic capric triglyceride, dicapryl.

Besonders vorteilhaft sind Mischungen aus Ci 2 -1 5 -Alkylbenzoat und 2-Ethylhexylisostearat, Mischungen aus Ci 2 -is-Alkylbenzoat und Isotridecylisononanoat sowie Mischungen aus Ci 2 -i5-Alkylbenzoat, 2-Ethylhexyl- isostearat und Isotridecylisononanoat.

Particularly advantageous are mixtures of C 2 -1 5 alkyl benzoate and 2-ethylhexyl, mixtures of Ci 2 -is-alkyl benzoate and isotridecyl isononanoate and mixtures of C 2 i5-alkyl benzoate, 2-ethylhexyl isostearate and isotridecyl.

Of the hydrocarbons, paraffin oil, squalane and squalene are advantageous for the purposes of the present invention. Advantageously, the oil phase further comprises a content of cyclic or linear silicone oils or consist entirely of such oils, although Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar is preferable is, apart from the silicone oil or silicone oils, to use an Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar content of other oil phase components.

Advantageously cyclomethicone octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane is used as in the present invention to be used Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar oil. Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar, other silicone oils are also advantageous for the purposes of the present invention, for example hexamethylcyclotrisiloxane, polydimethylsiloxane, poly methylphenylsiloxane.

Besonders vorteilhaft sind ferner Mischungen aus Cyclomethicon und Iso- tridecylisononanoat, aus Cyclomethicon und 2-Ethylhexylisostearat. Particularly advantageous are mixtures of cyclomethicone and isotridecyl isononanoate and of cyclomethicone and 2-ethylhexyl. The aqueous phase of the preparations according to the invention optionally advantageously comprises alcohols, diols or polyols of low carbon number, and ethers thereof, preferably ethanol, isopropanol, propylene glycol, glycerol, ethylene glycol, ethylene glycol monoethyl or monobutyl, propylene glycol monomethyl, monoethyl or monobutyl, diethylene - glycol monomethyl or monoethyl ether and analogous products, also alcohols of low carbon number, eg ethanol, isopropanol, 1, 2-propanediol, glycerol and in particular one or more thickening agent or which may advantageously be selected from the group silicon dioxide.

In particular, mixtures of the abovementioned solvents are used. For alcoholic solvents, water may be a further constituent. Emulsions are advantageous and comprise, for example, the fats, oils, waxes and other fatty substances, as well as water and an emulsifier, Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar usually used ation for a formulation of Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar type.

It is advantageous to choose the fatty alcohol ethoxylates from the Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar of ethoxylated stearyl alcohols, cetyl alcohols, cetylstearyl alcohols cetearyl alcohols. Polyethylenglycol 13 stearylether StearethPolyethylenglycol 14 stearylether StearethPolyethylen- glycol 15 stearylether Steareth Anfangsstadien der Psoriasis auf dem Rücken, Polyethylenglycol 16 stearylether StearethPolyethylenglycol 17 stearylether Steareth- 17 ,Polyethylenglycol 18 stearylether StearethPolyethylenglycol 19 - stearylether StearethPolyethylenglycol 20 stearylether StearethPolyethylenglycol 12 isostearylether Psoriasis Farbstoff HaarPsoriasis Farbstoff Haar glycol 13 isostearylether lsostearethPolyethylenglycol 14 - isostearylether lsostearethPolyethylenglycol 15 isostearylether lsostearethPolyethylenglycol 16 isostearylether lsosteareth Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar, Polyethylenglycol 17 isostearylether lsostearethPolyethylenglycol 18 isostearylether lsostearethPolyethylen- glycol 19 isostearylether lsostearethPolyethylenglycol 20 - isostearylether lsostearethPolyethylenglycol 13 cetylether Ceteth- 13Polyethylenglycol 14 cetylether CetethPolyethylenglycol 15 - cetylether CetethPolyethylenglycol 16 cetylether CetethPolyethylenglycol 17 cetylether CetethPolyethylenglycol 18 - cetylether CetethPolyethylenglycol 19 cetylether CetethPolyethylen-glycol 20 cetylether CetethPolyethylen- glycol 13 isocetylether lsocetethPolyethylenglycol 14 isocetylether lsocetethPolyethylenglycol 15 isocetylether lsocetethPolyethylenglycol 16 isocetylether lsocetethPolyethylenglycol 17 - isocetylether lsocetethPolyethylenglycol 18 isocetylether Isoceteth- 18Polyethylenglycol 19 isocetylether lsocetethPolyethylen- glycol 20 isocetylether lsocetethPolyethylenglycol 12 oleylether OlethPolyethylenglycol 13 oleylether OlethPolyethylen- glycol 14 oleylether OlethPolyethylenglycol 15 oleylether OlethPolyethylenglycol 12 laurylether LaurethPolyethylenglycol 12 - isolaurylether lsolaurethPolyethylenglycol 13 cetylstearylether CetearethPolyethylenglycol 14 cetylstearylether CetearethPolyethylenglycol 15 cetylstearylether CetearethPolyethylen- glycol 16 cetylstearylether CetearethPolyethylenglycol 17 - cetylstearylether CetearethPolyethylenglycol 18 cetylstearylether CetearethPolyethylenglycol 19 cetylstearylether CetearethPolyethylenglycol 20 cetylstearylether Ceteareth It is furthermore advantageous to select the fatty acid ethoxylates from the following group: Polyethylenglycol 20 stearat, Polyethylenglycol 21 stearat, Polyethylenglycol 22 stearat, Polyethylenglycol 23 stearat, Polyethylenglycol 24 stearat, Polyethylenglycol 25 stearat, Polyethylene glycol 20 stearate, polyethylene glycol 21 stearate, polyethylene glycol 22 stearate, polyethylene glycol 23 stearate, Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar glycol 24 stearate, polyethylene glycol 25 stearate.

Polyethylenglycol 12 isostearat, Polyethylenglycol 13 isostearat, Polyethylenglycol 14 isostearat, Polyethylenglycol 15 isostearat, Polyethylenglycol 16 isostearat, Polyethylenglycol 17 isostearat, Polyethylenglycol 18 isostearat, Polyethylenglycol 19 isostearat, Polyethylenglycol 20 isostearat, Polyethylenglycol 21 isostearat, Polyethylenglycol 22 isostearat, Polyethylenglycol 23 isostearat, Polyethylenglycol 24 isostearat, Polyethylenglycol 25 isostearat, Polyethylenglycol 12 oleat, Polyethylenglycol 13 oleat, Polyethylenglycol 14 oleat, Polyethylenglycol 15 oleat, Polyethylenglycol 16 oleat, Polyethylenglycol 17 oleat, Polyethylenglycol 18 oleat, Polyethylenglycol 19 oleat, Polyethylenglycol 20 oleat, Polyethylene glycol 12 isostearate, polyethylene glycol 13 isostearate, polyethylene glycol 14 isostearate, polyethylene glycol 15 isostearate, polyethylene glycol 16 isostearate, polyethylene glycol 17 isostearate, polyethylene glycol 18 isostearate, polyethylene glycol 19 isostearate, polyethylene glycol please click for source isostearate, polyethylene glycol 21 isostearate, polyethylene glycol 22 isostearate, polyethylene glycol 23 isostearate, polyethylene glycol 24 isostearate, polyethylene glycol 25 isostearate, polyethylene glycol 12 oleate, polyethylene glycol 13 oleate, polyethylene glycol 14 oleate, polyethylene glycol 15 oleate, polyethylene glycol 16 oleate, polyethylene glycol 17 oleate, polyethylene glycol 18 oleate, polyethylene glycol 19 oleate, polyethylene glycol 20 oleate.

An ethoxylated alkyl ether or salt thereof which can advantageously be used the sodium laureth carboxylate. Als Alkylethersulfat kann Natrium Laurethsulfat vorteilhaft verwendet werden.

An alkyl ether sodium laureth can be used advantageously. Als ethoxyliertes Cholesterinderivat kann vorteilhaft Polyethylenglycol 30 Cholesterylether verwendet werden. An ethoxylated cholesterol derivative which can advantageously be used is polyethylene glycol 30 cholesteryl. Polyethylene glycol 25 soya sterol has proven itself. It is likewise favorable to select the sorbitan esters from the group polyethylene glycol 20 sorbitan, polyethylene glycol 20 sorbitan monostearate, polyethylene glycol 20 ob alkoholfreies Bier, polyethylene glycol 20 Sorbian tanmonopalmitat, polyethylene glycol here sorbitan to choose.

Particularly preferred cosmetic and dermatological preparations according to the invention are prepared in the form of a sunscreen. Besonders bevorzugt sind solche UV-Filter, Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar physiologische Unbedenklichkeit bereits nachgewiesen ist. Particular preference is given to UV filters whose physiological acceptability has already been demonstrated. The compounds listed in the list should only as examples. Of course, other UV filters can be used. Diese organischen UV-Filter werden in der Regel in einer Menge von 0,5 bis 10 Gewichtsprozent, vorzugsweise Gew.

These organic UV filters are generally incorporated usually in an amount of 0. Weitere geeignete organische UV-Filter sind zB Further suitable organic UV filters are. Weitere geeignete UV-Filter sind auch Methoxyflavone Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar der Deutschen Patentanmeldung DE Further suitable UV filters are also methoxyflavones corresponding German Patent Application DE 10,th.

Organische UV-Filter werden in der Regel in einer Menge von 0,5 bis 20 Gewichtsprozent, vorzugsweise Gew. Organic UV filters are generally incorporated usually Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar an amount of 0. These inorganic UV filters are wt. R 5 represents H, a linear or branched C.

The compounds mentioned are also antioxidants. Further, it is possible and advantageous to combine the formulations Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar the invention with anti-oxidants. Eine solche Kombination zeigt dann sowohl Schutzwirkung als Antioxidationsmittel als auch vor Verbrennungen durch UV-Strahlung. Such a combination will display both a protective action as Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar antioxidant and also against burns caused by UV radiation.

Thus, one can also achieve a protective effect against oxidative stress or against the action of free radicals. Geeignete Antioxidantien sind auch Verbindungen der allgemeinen Formeln A oder B Suitable antioxidants are also compounds of the general formula A or B. XO oder NH, X is O or NH. R 2 lineares oder verzweigtes Alkyl mit 1 bis 30 C-Atomen, R 2 is linear or branched alkyl having 1 to 30 carbon atoms. R 3 lineares oder verzweigtes Alkyl mit 1 bis 20 C-Atomen, R 3 is linear or branched alkyl having 1 to 20 carbon atoms.

R 5 lineares oder verzweigtes Alkyl mit 1 bis 8 C-Atomen oder lineares oder verzweigtes Alkoxy mit Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar bis 8 C-Atomen und R 5 is linear or branched alkyl having 1 to 8 carbon atoms or linear or branched alkoxy having 1 to 8 C atoms and. Mixtures of antioxidants are likewise suitable for use in the cosmetic preparations according to the invention. Tocopherol-E-Acetat, Tocopherolhydrogensuccinat, Vitamin Ki, Esculin Tocopherol E acetate, Tocopherolhydrogensuccinat, vitamin Ki, esculin.

Acetate, nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid and biotin. The inventive formulations may comprise further conventional skin-protecting or skin-care active ingredients. This can in principle be any active ingredients known to the skilled person, in particular flavone derivatives, chromone derivatives, compatible solutes and other active Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar. The inventive preparations containing repellents, are preferably insect repellents.

Insect repellents are available in the form of solutions, gels, sticks, rollers, pump sprays and aerosol sprays, with solutions and sprays forming the majority of commercially available products.

Basis for these two product forms are usually alcoholic or aqueous-alcoholic solutions greasy addition substances and slight perfuming.

Im Rahmen der vorliegenden Erfindung werden hierunter jedoch click at this page die Aglykone, dh die zuckerfreien Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar, und die However, in the present invention, this term is also the aglycones, ie the sugar-free constituents, and the.

Derivate der Flavonoide und der Aglykone verstanden. Weiterhin wird im Rahmen der vorliegenden Erfindung unter dem Begriff Flavonoid auch Anthocyanidin Cyanidin verstanden. Furthermore, the present invention, the term flavonoid is also anthocyanidine cyanidine understood in the frame. Im Rahmen der vorliegenden Erfindung werden unter Coumaranonen auch deren Derivate verstanden. In the present invention, the term coumaranones is also their derivatives.

Bevorzugte Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar leiten here von Flavanonen, Flavonen, 3-Hydroxy- flavonen, Auronen und Isoflavonen, insbesondere von Flavanonen, Flavonen, 3-Hydroxyflavonen und Auronen, ab. Preferred flavonoids are derived from flavanones, flavones, 3-hydroxy-flavones, aurones and isoflavones, in particular flavanones, flavones, 3-hydroxyflavones and aurones.

The flavonoids are preferably selected from the following compounds: Of the phenols having an antioxidative action, which partially are naturally occurring polyphenols for applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic or nutrition sector are particularly interesting. For example, which are principally known as plant dyes, flavonoids or bioflavonoids, frequently have an antioxidant potential.

With effects of the substitution pattern of mono- and Dihydoxyflavonen K. Zielinski, IN CM deal. Rietjens; Rietjens; Current Topics in Biophysics24 2 Current Topics in Biophysics24 2 Rice-Evans, NJ Miller, G. Paganga, Trends in Plant Science2 4 Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar, AEMF Soffers, IMCM Rietjens; K.

Over the entire pH range Quercetin exhibits the greatest activity amongst the structures investigated. Geeignete Antioxidantien sind weiter Verbindungen der Formel Il Suitable antioxidants are furthermore compounds of the formula Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar. The term chromone derivatives Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar preferably taken to mean certain chromenone derivatives which are suitable as active ingredients for the preventative treatment of human skin and human hair against aging processes and harmful environmental influences, understood.

They simultaneously exhibit a low irritation potential for the skin, Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar water binding in the skin affect, maintain or increase the elasticity of the skin and thus promote smoothing of the skin.

Diese Verbindungen entsprechen vorzugsweise Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar Formel III These compounds preferably conform to the formula III. The proportion of one or more compounds selected from flavonoids, chromone derivatives and coumaranones in the inventive formulation is preferably from 0. Besonders bevorzugte Wirkstoffe sind beispielsweise auch sogenannte kompatible Solute. Particularly preferred active ingredients are, for example, so-called compatible solutes.

These are substances which are involved in the osmoregulation of plants Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar microorganisms and can be isolated from these organisms. Unter den Oberbegriff kompatible Solute werden dabei auch die in der Deutschen Patentanmeldung DE-A beschriebenen Osmolyte gefasst.

The generic term compatible solutes here also encompasses the osmolytes described in German patent application DE-A are taken. Suitable osmolytes are, for example, the polyols, methylamine compounds and amino acids Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar respective precursors thereof. Precursors of these substances are, for example, glucose, glucose polymers, phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylinositol, inorganic phosphates, proteins, peptides and polyamino acids.

Vorstufen sind zB Verbindungen, die durch metabolische Schritte in Osmolyte umgewandelt werden. Precursors Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar compounds which are converted by metabolic steps in osmolytes. Weiter stabilisieren sie insbesondere Enzyme gegen Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar Bedingungen, wie Salze, extreme pH-Werte, Tenside, Harnstoff, Guanidiniumchlorid und andere Verbindungen.

Here are the pyrimidinecarboxylic particular ectoine S - 1, 4,5,6-tetrahydromethylpyrimidine-carboxylic and hydroxyectoin S, S -1, 4,5,6-tetrahydro-5 mention hydroxymethylpyrimidine-carboxylic and derivatives thereof. These compounds stabilize enzymes and other biomolecules in aqueous solutions and organic solvents. Furthermore, they stabilize, in particular, enzymes against denaturing conditions, such as salts, extreme pH values, surfactants, ureaguanidinium chloride and other compounds.

Ectoine and ectoine derivatives, such as hydroxyectoin can advantageously be used in medicaments. Insbesondere kann Hydroxyectoin Kenalog 40 und Psoriasis Bewertung Herstellung eines Arzneimittels zur Behandlung von Hauterkrankungen eingesetzt werden.

In particular, hydroxyectoine can be employed for preparation of a medicament for the treatment of skin diseases.

Andere Einsatzgebiete des Hydroxyectoins und anderer Ectoin-Derivate liegen typischerweise in Gebieten in denen zB Trehalose als Zusatzstoff verwendet wird. Other areas of hydroxyectoin and other ectoine derivatives are typically in areas in which, for example, trehalose is used as additive. Thus, ectoine derivatives, such hydroxyectoin, can be used as protectant in dried yeast and der Kopfhaut kann oft gewaschen Kopf Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar. Pharmaceutical products, such as not sylierte glycolytic, pharmaceutically active Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar and proteins, for example t-PA can be protected with ectoine or its derivatives.

Unter den kosmetischen Anwendungen ist insbesondere die Verwendung von Ectoin und Ectoin-Derivaten zur Pflege von gealterter, trockener oder gereizter Haut zu nennen. Of the cosmetic applications, particular mention to the use of ectoine and ectoine derivatives for the care of aged, dry or irritated skin. Thus EP-AO describes, in particular, that ectoine and hydroxyectoin be used in cosmetic preparations such as powders, soaps, surfactant-containing cleansing products, lipsticks, rouge, make-ups, care creams and sunscreen preparations in the European patent application.

Pyrimidinecarboxylic acids are preferably used in which R 2 is a methyl or ethyl group, and R 1 or R 5 and R 6 are H.

Particularly Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar are the Pyrimidinecarboxylic ectoine S -1, 4,5,6-tetrahydromethylpyrimidine-carboxylic acid and hydroxyectoin S, S -1, 4,5,6 tetrahydrohydroxymethylpyrimidine-carboxylic acid are used.

The compositions according to the invention preferably comprise pyrimidinecarboxylic acids in amounts up to 15 wt. Unter den ebenfalls bevorzugt eingesetzten Aryloximen wird vorzugsweise Of the aryl oximes likewise preferably employed, preference is.

Seine Eignung zum Einsatz Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar kosmetischen Mitteln ist beispielsweise aus der Deutschen Offenlegungsschrift DE-A 16 bekannt.

Its suitability for use in cosmetic compositions is known, for example from the German Offenlegungsschrift DE-A 16 rd Zubereitungen, die 2- Hydroxymethyllaurophenonoxim enthalten, sind demnach zur Compositions which comprise 2 contain hydroxymethyllauro are accordingly suitable for.

Treatment of skin diseases which are accompanied by inflammation. Inventive preparations which comprise an aryl oxime, preferably 2-hydroxymethyllauro, exhibit surprising antiinflammatory suitability. Dabei enthalten die Zubereitungen vorzugsweise 0,01 bis 10 Gew. Here preferably the compositions comprise 0. In a further, likewise preferred embodiment of the present invention, the preparation comprises at least one self.

H 2 C-OH H 2 C-OH. Furthermore, the 5-hydroxy-1, to name a 4-naphthoquinone juglonewhich can be extracted from the shells of fresh walnuts, which occurs in henna leaves 2-hydroxy-1, 4-naphthoquinone Lawson.

The flavonoid diosmetin and its glycosides or sulfates may be used. In this case, these compounds can be Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar in the form of pure substances or plant extracts.

Diosmetin kann beispielsweise vorzzugsweise in Form eines Chrysanthemum Extraktes eingesetzt werden. Diosmetin example, vorzzugsweise be used in the form of a chrysanthemum extract. Very particularly preferably, the 1, 3-dihydroxyacetone DHAa trivalent occurring in the Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar body sugar and derivatives thereof.

H 2 C-OH 1 ,3-Dihydroxyaceton DHA H 2 C-OH 1, 3-dihydroxyacetone DHA. The said self can be used alone or as a mixture. It is particularly preferred in this case if DHA is used in a mixture with another of the above self. Furthermore, preparations according to the invention may also comprise dyes and colored pigments. The dyes and pigments can be chosen from the corresponding positive list of the Cosmetics Directive or the EC list of cosmetic colorants.

In most cases they are identical to the dyes approved for foods. Vorteilhafte Farbpigmente sind beispielsweise Titandioxid, Glimmer, Eisenoxide Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar. Advantageous color pigments are, for example, titanium dioxide, mica, iron oxides eg.

Die Colour Index Nummern CIN sind Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar Rowe Colour Index, 3. Auflage, Society of Dyers and Colourists, Bradford, England, entnommen. The Colour Index numbers CIN are the Rowe Colour Index, 3rd Edition, Society of Dyers and Colourists, Bradford, England, taken from the st. It may please click for source be convenient to choose as a dye or more substances from the following group: Also advantageous are oil-soluble natural dyes, see more as paprika extract.

Vorteilhaft im Sinne der vorliegenden Erfindung sind ferner Gelcremes mit einem Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar an Perlglanzpigmenten. Advantageous for the purposes of the present invention are gel creams comprising pearlescent pigments. Bevorzugt sind insbesondere die im folgenden aufgelisteten Arten von Perlglanzpigmenten: Particularly preferred are those listed in the following types of pearlescent Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar Natural pearlescent pigments, such as.

Fischschuppen und "Perlmutt" vermahlene Muschelschalen Fish scales and "mother of pearl" ground mussel Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar. Monokristalline Perlglanzpigmente wie zB Bismuthoxychlorid BiOCI 2.

Monocrystalline pearlescent pigments, such as bismuth Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar BiOCl. Insbesondere vorteilhaft ist zB das unter der CIN aufgelistete Glanzpigment. Especially advantageous is eg under CIN listed luster pigment. The list of given pearlescent pigments is not of course intended to be limiting. For the click to see more of the present invention advantageous pearlescent Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar are obtainable in numerous ways known per se.

For example, can be other substrates apart from mica Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar be coated with further metal oxides, such as silica and the like. For example, are advantageous coated with TiO 2 and Fe 2 O 3 SiO 2 particles "ronaspheres"which are marketed by Merck KGaA, Darmstadt and are particularly suitable for the optical reduction of fine lines.

It may be advantageous in addition, to dispense completely with a substrate such as mica. Besonders bevorzugt sind Perlglanzpigmente, welche unter der Verwendung von SiO 2 hergestellt Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar preference is given to pearlescent pigments prepared using SiO 2.

They have by their particle size Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar microns, in addition to the color a glitter effect. Die Glitterpartikel liegen hierbei in Gemischen mit verschiedenen Hilfs- und Farbstoffen wie beispielsweise den Farbstoffen mit den Colour Index Cl Nummern,click to see more. The glitter particles are present here in mixtures with various auxiliaries and dyes such as the dyes with the Colour Index CI numbers,ago.

The dyes and pigments may be coated with one another, both in individual form or in a mixture and mutually, being caused by different coating thicknesses generally different color effects. Die Gesamtmenge der Farbstoffe und farbgebenden Pigmente wird vorteilhaft aus dem Bereich von z.

The total amount of dyes Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar color-imparting pigments is advantageously chosen from the range of, for. All compounds or components which can be used in the formulations are either known and commercially available or can be synthesized by known processes. Any desired customary excipients, auxiliaries and optionally Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar active ingredients may be added.

Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar assistants originate from the group of preservatives, antioxidants, stabilizers, solubilisers, vitamins, colorants and Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar. Solutions and emulsions may comprise the customary excipients such as solvents, solubilisers and emulsifiers, for example water, ethanol, isopropanol, ethyl carbonate, Ethlyacetat, benzyl alcohol, benzyl benzoate, propylene glycol, 1, 3-butyl glycol, oils, in particular cottonseed oil, peanut oil, corn oil, olive oil, castor oil and sesame oil, glycerol fatty acid esters, contain polyethylene glycols and fatty acid Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar of sorbitan or mixtures Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar these substances.

In a preferred embodiment, the inventive preparations comprise hydrophilic surfactants. The hydrophilic surfactants are preferably selected from the group consisting of alkyl glucosides, acyl lactylates, betaines and coconut amphoacetates. Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar nder be advantageous products glucosylation ofparticularly advantageously of 1, 1 to 1, 5, very particularly advantageously of 1, client Psoriasis Salbe wirksame voraussichtliche, 4, in particular 1, 3 elected.

The value DP takes the account the Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar that alkyl glucosides their preparation, represent mixtures of mono- and oligoglucosides generally. According to the invention advantageously has a relatively high content of monoglucosides, typically in the order of wt.

Alkylglucosides particularly advantageously used are selected from the group octyl glucopyranoside, Decylglucopyranosid, undecyl, dodecyl, and hexadecyl Tetradecylglucopyranosid.

Vorteilhaft ist beispielsweise Natriumisostearyllactylat, beispielsweise das Advantageously For example, sodium, for example. Insbesondere vorteilhaft bedeutet R 2 einen verzweigten oder Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar Alkylrest mit 6 bis 12 Kohlenstoffatomen. R 2 particularly advantageously denotes a branched or unbranched alkyl radical having 6 to 12 carbon atoms.

The preparations of the invention are advantageously characterized in that the one or more hydrophilic surfactants in concentrations of 0. Man kann als Dispersions- bzw. One can use it as a dispersant or solubiliser an oil, wax or other fatty substance, a lower monoalcohol or lower polyol or mixtures thereof.

The particularly preferred monoalcohols or polyols include ethanol, i-propanol, propylene glycol, glycerol and sorbitol. A preferred embodiment of the invention is an emulsion in the form of Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar protective cream or milk and contains, for example fatty alcohols, fatty acids, fatty acid esters, in particular triglycerides of fatty acids, lanolin, Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar and synthetic oils or waxes and emulsifiers in presence of water.

A preferred embodiment comprises hydrogels. Is a preparation formulated as an aerosol, one uses in general, the customary propellants, such as alkanes, fluoroalkanes and chlorofluoroalkanes.

Shades to prevent bleaching or damage of a mechanical nature. In this case, a suitable formulation is a shampoo, lotion, gel or emulsion for rinsing, wherein the respective preparation before or after shampooing, is applied before or after coloring or bleaching or before or after permanent waving.

It can be chosen, a preparation of a lotion or gel for styling and treating, a lotion or gel always Humira Psoriasis compounds brushing or blow-waving, a hair lacquer, permanent Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar composition, colorant or bleach for the hair.

Techniken hergestellt werden, die dem Fachmann wohl bekannt sind. Be prepared by techniques that are well known in the art. The inventive substances can thereby be incorporated directly without any further preparatory measures in cosmetic preparations. Advantageously, the preparations according to the invention can, as already described above, contain further UV filter substances, where the total amount of the filter substances being, for example, 0. The preparations according to the invention can also be used Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar pharmaceutical agents for the prophylactic treatment of Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar and allergies of the skin and also in certain cases for preventing certain types of cancer.

The pharmaceutical agent according to the invention can be administered orally or topically. The preparations of the invention can be prepared using techniques Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar are well known to those skilled.

Even without further comments, it is assumed that an expert can utilize the above description Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar the broadest scope. The preferred embodiments should therefore merely as illustrative, and not to be construed limiting disclosure in any way. The following examples illustrate the present invention without limiting it. Alle Mengenangaben, Anteile und Prozentanteile sind, soweit nicht anders angegeben, auf das Gewicht und die Gesamtmenge bzw.

All amounts, proportions and percentages are, unless otherwise indicated, based on the weight and the total amount or the total weight of the preparations. The complete disclosure of all mentioned above and below applications and publications are incorporated by reference into this application. The preferred sparingly soluble organic UV filter is Ethylhexyltriazone. Mastersizer der Fa.

Malvern mit der Dispergiereinheit Hydro Device: Mastersizer from Malvern with the dispersion Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar Hydro. Without refractive index particles: The Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar vitro UV APF was determined by the German standard DIN"Characterization of UVA protection of dermal sunscreens by transmission measurements considering the sun protection factor", 3. Standard Template March of A solution of g Ethylhexyltriazone, g dimethyl Capramide Spectrasolv DMDA and g tetraethylorthosilicate is emulsified with cooling by means of an emulsification tool Ultra Turrax in a surfactant [g of demineralized water and 11 g of cetyltrimethylammonium chloride CTAC ].

The final emulsion is added with stirring to water containing hydrochloric acid. The resulting mixture is 48 - stirred at room temperature for 72 h. Danach wird das Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar der Hydrolyse des Alkylsilanes entstandene Ethanol destillativ abgereichert. Thereafter, the resultant in the hydrolysis of the alkylsilane is depleted of ethanol by distillation.

After addition of 20 g PVP in g of Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar water, the pH of the residue on 3. The active substance content of the suspension is 18 wt. Die Einarbeitung in die kosmetische Zubereitung kann in dieser Form erfolgen. Incorporation into the cosmetic preparation can be carried out in this form.

The isolation of the silica capsule is possible by conventional methods. In comparison with Example 1 UV filter capsules were prepared with known on the market solvents. The solubility of Ethylhexyltriazone in the specified systems can be Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar as follows: The test substance is specified as cosmetic emollient, as in the Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar in small beakers in a heatable in the solvent with stirring initially at room temperature about 2O 0 C - 25 0 C incorporated the stirring Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar should there about Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar minutes.

The assessment is made visually, ie it is checked whether a completely clear solution and no obvious particles present. Amounts, conditions and mixing times have to be reported. Incorporating further substance increases, for example by adding with stirring in 0. Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar Beurteilung erfolgt visuell, evtl. The assessment is made visually, possibly with the aid of a microscope with lambda plate. HPLC, Bestimmung mit externem Assay read article UV filters: HPLC determination with external.

Stainless steel cartridge Chromatographic System: Diese Mischung wird 5 Minuten im Ultraschallbad gemischt. This mixture is mixed for 5 minutes in an ultrasonic bath. After cooling is filled with methanol up to the mark. Accordingly, it is diluted for measurement. Vor der Before the. About 30 mg Ethylhexyltriazone, accurately weighed, are dissolved in a mL volumetric flask in methanol and it is filled up to the mark.

Methanol diluted Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar 50 ml. A solution of g of bis-Ethylhexyloxyphenol Methoxyphenyl Triazine, g dimethyl Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar Spectrasolv DMDA and g tetraethylorthosilicate is cooling, using an emulsification tool Ultra Turrax in Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar surfactant [g DI water and 11 g of cetyltrimethylammonium chloride CTAC ] emulsified.

The active substance content of the suspension is A Hydrogel A Hydrogel. Rohstoff INCI [g] Raw material INCI [g]. UV-Filter-Kapsel 10,00 Gesichts-Psoriasis-Symptome UV filter capsule Lubrajel DV PROPYLENE GLYCOL, 20,00 Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar Lubrajel DV PROPYLENE GLYCOL, 20,00 40, Wasser, AQUA WATER 68,80 ,60 demineralisiert Germaben Il Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar GLYCOL, 0,70 1,40 DIAZOLIDINYL UREA, METHYLPARABEN, PROPYLPARABEN Water, AQUA WATER Pelemol BIP ISOPROPYLPHTALIMIDE, 6,00 15,00 BUTYLPHTALIDE PELEMOL GDP ISOPROPYLPHTALIMIDE, 6,00 15,00 BUTYLPHTALIDE.

Carbopol Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar 10 CARBOMER 0,30 0,75 Carbopol Ultrez 10 CARBOMER 0. UV-Filter-Kapsel 27,00 67,50 UV filter capsule 27,00 67, Wasser, AQUA WATER 38,50 96,25 demineralisiert Water, AQUA WATER demineralized Sisterna LC AQUA WATERSUCROSE 6,00 15,00 LAURATE, ALCOHOL Sisterna LC AQUA WATERSUCROSE 6.

Phenonip Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar, 1 ,00 2,50 BUTYLPARABEN, Wax Gesundheit Psoriasis, PROPYLPARABEN; Phenonip PHENOXYETHANOL, 1, 00 2,50 butyl paraben, ethyl paraben, propyl; METHYLPARABEN METHYLPARABEN. Natronlauge, SODIUM HYDROXIDE 1 ,20 3,00 Sodium hydroxide, SODIUM HYDROXIDE 1, 20 3. If Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar, warm to about 50 C.

Carbopol incorporate and emulsify pre-dissolved phase B with stirring. Nach Zugabe von Phase C nochmals kurz homogenisieren. Inhaltstoff INCI [g] Ingredient INCI [g]. Arlacel P PEG 2,50 6,25 Arlacel P PEG 2. Cetiol A HEXYL LAURATE 10,00 25,00 Cetiol A HEXYL LAURATE Cetiol ETHYLHEXYL Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar 14,00 35,00 Cetiol ETHYLHEXYL STEARATE 14,00 35, Shea butter BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII 1 ,00 2,50 SHEA BUTTER Shea wie Psoriasis zu behandeln BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII 1, Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar 2.

Paracera M MICROWAX 0,50 1 ,25 Paracera M Microwax 0. Crodafos CES CETEARYL, ALCOHOL, DICETYL 1 ,00 2,50 PHOSPHATE, CETETHPH Crodafos CES CETEARYL, ALCOHOL, dicetyl 1 00 2. Dow Corning DIMETHICONE 1 ,00 2,50 Dow Corning DIMETHICONE 1, 00 2, Dow Corning CYCLOMETHICONE 1,00 2,50 Dow Corning CYCLOMETHICONE 1. See more UV-Filter-Kapsel 18,90 47,25 B UV filter capsule 18,90 47, Triazone in Triazone in.

Spectrasolv DMDA Spectrasolv DMDA. Propylenglykol, 1 ,2- SODIUM CHLORIDE 0,40 1 ,00 Propylene glycol, 1, 2- SODIUM CHLORIDE 0. Sodium Chloride Sodium Chloride. Water, demineralized AQUA WATER 32,95 82,38 Water, demineralized AQUA WATER Phenonip PHENOXYETHANOL, 0,70 1 ,75 BUTYLPARABEN, ETHYLPARABEN, PRO Phenonip PHENOXYETHANOL, 0.

Phase B slowly with stirring to phase A. Unter 35 0 C Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar Phase C zugegeben. Under 35 0 C. Phase C is added. Cetiol B Dibutyl Adipate 9,00 8,00 Cetiol B Dibutyl Adipate 9.

Tegosoft TN C Alkyl Benzoate 9,00 8,00 Tegosoft TN C Alkyl Benzoate 9. Myritol Cocoglycerides 12,00 12,00 Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar Cocoglycerides Eumulgin VL 75 Lauryl Glucoside, 4,00 4,00 Polyglyceryl Dipolyhydroxystearate, Glycerin Eumulgin VL 75 Lauryl Glucoside, Polyglyceryl-2 4. Lanette O Cetearyl Alcohol 2,00 2,00 Lanette O Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar Alcohol 2.

Uvinul T Ethylhexyl Triazone 2,00 Uvinul T Ethylhexyltriazone 2. Titriplex IM Disodium EDTA 0,10 0,10 Titriplex Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar Disodium EDTA 0. Cremophor Ceteareth 1 ,00 1 ,00 Cremophor Ceteareth 1, 00 1, Keltrol RD Xanthan Gum 0,30 0,30 Keltrol RD xanthan gum 0.

Veegum Ultra Magnesium Aluminium 1 ,50 1 ,50 Veegum Ultra Magnesium Aluminium 1, 50 1, Wasser Aqua water ad ,00 ad ,00 Water Aqua water to UV-Filter- Aqua water12,10 12,10 Kapsel Ethylhexyl Triazone, UV filter Aqua water12,10 12,10 capsule Ethylhexyltriazone. Phenonip Phenoxyethanol, 1 ,00 1,00 Phenonip phenoxyethanol, 1, 00 1.

Methyl paraben, Methyl paraben. Check whether the solid UV filter is dissolved. Phase B zusammengeben und ebenfalls auf 80 0 C erhitzen. Phase B together give and also heat to 80 0 C. Phase B in Phase A under stirring emulsify and homogenize for 3 minutes. Tinosorb S BIS-ETHYLHEXYLOXYPHENOL 2,00 5. METHOXYPHENYL TRIAZINE METHOXYPHENYL TRIAZINE.

Spektrasolv DMDA DIMETHYL CAPRAMIDE 7,00 25,00 Spektrasolv DMDA DIMETHYL Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar 7. Wasser, AQUA WATER ad ad demineralisiert Water, AQUA WATER to to demineralized. Sistema LC AQUA WATERSUCROSE Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar 15,00 LAURATE, ALCOHOL Sistema LC AQUA WATERSUCROSE 6. Phase A apart from on Carbopol and solve Tinosorb S.

If necessary, Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar to about 60 C. Inhaltstoff INCl [g] Ingredient INCI [g]. Cetiol A HEXYL Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar 3,00 7,5 Cetiol ETHYLHEXYL STEARATE 14,00 35,00 Shea butter BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII 1,00 2,50 SHEA BUTTER Cetiol A HEXYL LAURATE 3. Paracera M MICROWAX 0,50 1,25 Crodafos CES CETEARYL, ALCOHOL, DICETYL 1,00 2,50 Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar, CETETHPH Paracera M Microwax 0. Dow Corning DIMETHICONE 1,00 2,50 Dow Corning DIMETHICONE 1.


Imwitor GLYCERYL COCOATE CITRATE 2,00 5,00 Imwitor GLYCERYL CITRATE COCOATE 2. PROPYLPARABEN hydroxybenzoat 0,05 0,13 PROPYLPARABEN hydroxybenzoate 0. B UV-Filter-Kapsel Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar UV filter capsule. Keltrol SF XANTHAN GUM 0,50 1 ,25 Keltrol SF Xanthan Gum 0.

Water, demineralized Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar WATER ad ad Water, demineralized AQUA WATER to to AQUA WATERSODIUM AQUA WATERSODIUM. Keltrol in Wasser dispergieren. Keltrol disperse in water. Die restlichen Bestandteile zugeben und mischen. The remaining ingredients and mix. Phase A und B getrennt auf 80 0 C erhitzen. Phase A and B separately to 80 0 C. Phase B in Phase A einemulgieren. Phase B emulsify in phase A. While stirring, allow to cool and set below 35 0 C pH with phase C to about 6.

Bestimmung des in vitro SPF. Determination of in vitro SPF. In vitro SPF Bestimmung von kosmetischen Zubereitungen: In vitro SPF determination of cosmetic preparations: Determination of the UV transmission by a preparation containing the substances to protect against UV light.

Hierbei wird die Zubereitung auf ein geeignetes Substrat in definierter Schichtdicke aufgetragen und an einem geeigneten UV-Photometer in nanometer-Schritten die Absorption gemessen. Here, the preparation is applied to a suitable substrate in a defined layer thickness and measured at an appropriate UV photometer in nanometer increments absorption.

Die Berechnung des in-vitro-Lichtschutzfaktors erfolgt dabei nach folgender Formel: The calculation of the in-vitro sun protection factor is effected according to the following formula: PMMA plexiglass plates, type XT in Grosse 7. Probe werden mit einer geeigneten Pipette oder einem Spatel auf das Substrat aufgebracht und homogen verteilt.

Sample can be applied with a suitable Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar or spatula on the substrate and distributed homogeneously. Dabei ist das tara des Substrates, die Auftragsmenge in feuchtem Zustand und nach Equilibrieren Here is the tara of the substrate, the amount applied in a wet state and after equilibration.

Die Equilibrierung erfolgt im The equilibration is carried out in. Jede Probe wird auf mindestens drei Substraten gemessen. Each sample is measured on at least three substrates. Die anschliessende Messung der Absorption erfolgt UV-photometrisch zB Cary Bio Varian Inc. PaIo Alto, USA mit Ulbrichtkugel Labsphere The subsequent measurement of the absorption Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar carried out UV-photometrically eg Cary Bio Varian Inc. PAIO Alto, USA with integrating sphere Labsphere. DRA-CA North suttin, USA over a range of nm in 1 nm increments.

The spectral bandwidth of 2 nm. Die nachfolgende Messung der Transmission resp. The subsequent measurement of the transmission resp. Absorption of the samples is carried out per plate at four measurement points. Die Auswertung der insgesamt The evaluation of the overall. Bestimmunq des SPF Wertes in vivo nach COLIPA Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar Sun Protection Factor SPF Test Method, COLIPA, Mav Example 6: Bestimmunq the SPF value in vivo by COLIPA International Sun Protection Factor SPF Test Method, Colipa, Mav Philadelphia, Source, USA UV source: Vortest zur Bestimmung der MED Minimale Erythem Dosis Pretest to determine the MED Minimal Erythema Dose.

The main test is performed on each 35 cm Fischöl für Kopfhaut Psoriasis der large areas of the back part. Wartezeit Nach Beendigung der Auftragung des Produktes wird eine Wartezeit von 15 Minuten eingehalten, bevor mit der Bestrahlung begonnen wird.

Waiting time after completion of the application of the product is a waiting time of 15 minutes will pass before starting the irradiation. Prior to irradiation, each test area is divided into 6 zones. Jede Zone wird einer unterschiedlichen Bestrahlungsdosis ausgesetzt. Each zone is exposed to a different dose of radiation. The irradiation times for the individual test persons are determined with reference to the particular in the pre-test individual MED values.

The evaluation is carried out hours after irradiation by trained personnel. Zur Bestimmung eines SPF-Wertes werden jeweils die an 6 Testpersonen ermittelten Ergebnisse herangezogen. To determine an SPF value the results obtained in 6 subjects are used in each case. Die Komponenten der Phase A werden auf 80 0 C erhitzt. The components of phase A are heated to 80 0 C. The components of Phase B are dispersed at room Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar with stirring and added to the A phase.

Die Komponenten der Phase C werden homogenisiert und zu dem The components of phase C are homogenized and the. Gemisch der Phasen A und B gegeben und noch mal homogenisiert. SPF in vivo nach COLIPA 6,0. SPF in vivo by COLIPA 6. SPF in vivo COLIPA 6,7 SPF in vivo COLIPA 6. Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar components of the phases A and B are heated separately from each other at 80 0 C, then added together and homogenized briefly.

The mixture is cooled to Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar 0 C and homogenized again. Die Komponente der Phase C wird zu dem Gemisch der Phasen A und B gegeben und alles zusammen homogenisiert. The component of the C phase is added to the mixture of phases A and B and all is homogenized together. SPF in vivo COLIPA 6,6 SPF in vivo COLIPA 6. The components of the phases A and B are heated separately to each other, respectively 8O 0 C, then added together and homogenized briefly.

Die Komponenten der Phase C werden zu dem Gemisch der Phasen A und The components of phase C to the mixture of phases A and. B gegeben und alles zusammen homogenisiert. The mixture is cooled to 40 C C and homogenized again.

SPF in vivo COLIPA 6,4. SPF in vivo COLIPA 6. Verseifung der Phase A 1 h bei 80 0 C. Saponification of the phase A for 1 h at Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar 0 C. Schmelzen und mischen der Phase B bei 80 0 C. Melting and mixing of the phase B at 80 0 C.

Vermischen der Komponenten der Phase C und erhitzen auf 80 0 C ohne Mixing the components of phase C and heat to 80 0 C with no. Admixing the inventive capsules to phase C and homogenize. Zugeben der Phase D. With stirring to cool to room temperature and addition of the phase E with subsequent homogenization. SPF in vivo COLIPA 12 UV APF 4 SPF in vivo COLIPA 12 UV APF 4. Vermischen der Komponenten der Phase C und erhitzen auf 80 0 C. Mixing the components of phase C and heat to 80 0 C.

SPF in vivo COLIPA 8 UV APF 3. Erhitzen der Phasen A und B separat auf 8O 0 C. Heating the phases A and B separately to 8O 0 C. Zugabe von Phase C und homogenisieren. Add phase C and homogenize. SPF in vivo COLIPA 6 SPF Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar vivo COLIPA 6. Phase A und Phase B getrennt voneinander jeweils auf 80 0 C erhitzen.

Phase A and phase B from each other, heat separated at 80 0 C. Adding the phase B with stirring into phase A and briefly homogenize. While stirring at 40 0 C to Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar and add phase C and homogenize. Erhitzen der Phase A auf 80 0 C. Heat phase A to 80 0 C. Dispersing the phase B at room temperature with stirring.

Homogenisieren der Phase B in Phase A, Homogenizing the phase B in phase A. Nach Zugabe der Phase More info und E wieder homogenisieren. SPF in vitro 6. SPF in vitro 6 SPF in vitro 6. Erhitzen Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar Phase A auf 8O 0 C. Heat phase A to 8O 0 C. Zugabe der Phase B zur geschmolzenen Phase A und homogenisieren.

Addition of Phase B to the molten phase A and homogenize. Homogenisieren der Phase C bis zur Klarheit. Homogenizing the phase C to clarity. Cool with stirring at 40 0 C. Room temperature with stirring. SPF in vivo COLIPA 30 SPF in vivo COLIPA Phase A phase A. Zugabe der Phase B zur geschmolzenen Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar A and homogenisieren. Topic Chinesische Medizin Behandlung von Psoriasis Pantothenic der Phase C zu den Addition of phase C to the.

Cooling to 40 0 C with stirring. Addition of phase D, homogenize briefly with stirring and cooling to room temperature. SPF in vivo COLIPA 33 UV APF in vitro SPF Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar vivo COLIPA 33 UV APF in vitro 11th.

The present invention relates to UV filter capsules, their use for production of cosmetic or dermatological formulations or dispersions and cosmetic or dermatological Diät hilft nicht Schuppenflechte which contain the capsules, and methods for their production Try the new Google Patents, with machine-classified Google Scholar results, and Japanese and South Korean patents.

Uv filter capsule WO A2. The present invention relates to UV filter capsules, their use for production of cosmetic or dermatological formulations or dispersions and cosmetic or dermatological formulations which contain the capsules, and methods for their production. UV filter capsule comprising a polymeric shell and a at least low-solubility organic UV filters and b an emollient, which is capable of at room temperature more than 40 wt.

UV-Filter-Kapsel nach Anspruch 1dadurch gekennzeichnet, Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar das unter b genannte Emollient einer Verbindung der Formel I entspricht Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar. UV filter capsule according to claim 1, characterized in that said under b Emollient a compound of formula I corresponds to. Dioctylbutamidotriazon oder Bis-Ethylhexyloxyphenol-methoxy- phenyltriazin.

Dioctyl or bis-methoxy-Ethylhexyloxyphenol phenyltriazine. UV filter capsule according to one or more of claims 1 to 3, wherein Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar is mentioned in a at least one sparingly soluble organic UV-filter and a Diarylbutadienderivat the diarylbutadiene compound corresponds to the formula II. UV filter capsule according to one or more of claims 1 to 3, wherein the equivalent mentioned under a at least one sparingly soluble organic UV filters a hydroxybenzophenone of the formula This web page. UV filter capsule according to one or more of claims 1 to 3 and 8, wherein said a at least one sparingly soluble organic UV filters 2- 4-diethylaminohydroxybenzoyl - benzoic acid 5-hexyl.

UV filter capsule according to one or more of claims 1 to 3, wherein the is mentioned in a at least one sparingly soluble organic UV-filter is a methylene bis-benzotriazolyl Q Tetramethylbutylphenolderivat.

UV filter capsule according to one or more of claims 1 to 11, characterized in that the UV filter capsule to under a at least one low-solubility UV filter and said at Q b Emollient in weight ratio According to one or more of claims 1 to The dispersion of claim 13, wherein the dispersion is aqueous.

Dispersion nach Anspruch 13 oder 14, wobei der Anteil an UV-Filter- Kapseln bei 5 bis 80 Gew. The dispersion of claim 13 or 14, wherein the proportion of UV-filter capsules at 5 to 80 wt. Composition comprising at least one sparingly soluble organic UV filters and at least one suitable carrier, characterized in that at least some of the sparingly soluble organic UV filter encapsulated in the form of UV filter capsules is present at least one of claims 1 to 12th.

The use of UV-filter capsules according to one or more of claims 1 to 12 or a dispersion according to one or more of Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar 13 to 15 for producing a preparation.

A method for preparing a composition, characterized in that UV-filter capsules are 13 to 15 mixed to one or more of claims 1 to 12 or a dispersion according to one or more of the claims with other ingredients or is. A method for the production of UV-filter capsules according to one or more of claims 1 to 12, characterized in that an in-water emulsion, oil-in of a mixture comprising a sol-gel precursor to in step a Preparation of the polymeric shell, at least one sparingly soluble UV filter and an emollient which is capable, at room temperature more than 40 parts by weight.

UV-Filter-Kapsel UV filter capsule Die vorliegende Erfindung betrifft UV-Filter-Kapseln, deren Verwendung zur Herstellung kosmetischer oder dermatologischer Formulierungen bzw. Ethylhexyltriazone excellent UV absorption properties, but these UV filters can be solved only limited Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar cosmetic oils and can be used in a number of Formulierungen nur zu relativ geringen Anteilen eingearbeitet werden, wodurch der durch diesen Filter zu erreichende Schutzfaktor limitiert wird.

Country of ref document: Kind code of ref document: CNACNBDEA1EPA2EPB1USUSWOA3. Frank PflueckerBernd MuellerGabriele WitteValerie Andre. Merck Patent GmbhBasf Se. BiBTeXEndNoteRefMan. Patent Citations Psoriasis Farbstoff HaarReferenced by 2Classifications 22Legal Events 7. Method for the preparation of oxide microcapsules loaded with functional molecules and the products obtained thereof.

Compositions containing oils having a specific gravity higher than the specific gravity of water. Microcapsules made of chitin or of chitin derivatives containing a hydrophobic substance, in particular a sunscreen, and process for the preparation of such microcapsules. EP Kind code of ref document: JP Kind code of ref document: KR Kind code of ref document: PI Country of ref document: BR Kind code of ref document:

Patent DEA1 - Topical compositions containing osmolytes, useful e.g. for treating or - Google Patenten Psoriasis Farbstoff Haar

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The present invention relates to UV filter capsules, their use for production of cosmetic or dermatological formulations or dispersions and cosmetic or dermatological.
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The present invention relates to UV filter capsules, their use for production of cosmetic or dermatological formulations or dispersions and cosmetic or dermatological.
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