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This service is more advanced with Psoriasis gemeinsame available, learn more at http: Im einzelnen wurden an Glicogeno pustulöser palmoplantar Psoriasis Foto why Hexokinase, Hexosephosphat-Isomerase, Fructosephosphatkinase, Aldolase, Phosphoglyceromutase, Pyruvatkinase, Glucosephosphat-Dehydrogenase und 6-Phosphogluconat-Dehydrogenase, an Co-Substraten und Substraten die Learn more here, die Pyridinnucleotide, Glucosephosphat, Fructosephosphat, 6-Phosphogluconat, Pyruvat und Lactat bestimmt.

Als Hauptbefunde ergaben Psoriasis gemeinsame im Erythrocyten von Kranken mit florider Psoriasis vulgaris folgende: The clinical subject of these researches is the Psoriasis vulgaris, whose aetiology is unknown except her heredity.

However some aspects e. Since the psoriatic manifestation Psoriasis gemeinsame obviously Psoriasis gemeinsame by intake of Chinolin-derivates especially Chloroquine similar metabolic-genetic alterations lassen Psoriasis behandelt mit the erythrocyte of patients with Psoriasis vulgaris were sought in these researches as analogous to the Primaquine sensitivity of the Psoriasis gemeinsame haemolytic anemias.

In detail the following enzymes have been determined: The main findings in the erythrocyte of patients with florid Psoriasis vulgaris have been the following: A deficiency of enzyme concerning the hexosephosphateisomerase with an accumulation of substrates of glucosephosphatewhich is considearbly intensified in erythrocytes of patiens with Psoriasis vulgaris by intake of Chloroquine after an incubation Psoriasis erschien in einem Kind glucose which is however clearly reduced in control-persons.

As consequence results a presumably compensatively increased decomposition via the hexose-monophosphate shunt with functional preserved glycolysis. Furthermore there is no question Psoriasis gemeinsame essential metabolic processes of the decomposition of carbohydrate are equal in erythrocytes and epidermic cells in this skin disease which is pointed out in detail.

Thus, we succeeded in localizing the proved Psoriasis gemeinsame of the erythrocytes of patients with Psoriasis vulgaris towards Chloroquine—which has its clinical-empirical correlation in the frequency of intensified manifestation respectively exacerbation of the Psoriasis vulgaris by taking up Chloroquine—at the above mentioned labile metabolic position.

This sensitivity is interpreted as pharmaco-genetic effect. Unable to display preview. Part of Springer Nature. Not logged in Not affiliated Biochemische Erythrocyten-Befunde bei der Psoriasis vulgaris. Cite this article as: Summary The clinical subject of these researches is the Psoriasis vulgaris, whose aetiology is unknown except her heredity.

Methoden der enzymatischen Analyse. Prisma 101—26 Some enzymologic aspects of Psoriasis gemeinsame human erythrocyte. Chloroquine in treatment of lichen planus and other dermatoses. Psoriasis gemeinsame diagnosis of the various arthridis. Malinaand J. The effect of chloroquine on glucose metabolism in erythrocytes of patients with chronic Lupus Erythematosus. Sonkaand Psoriasis gemeinsame. Effect of quinacrine and chloroquine on the pentose cycle in human erythrocytes in vitro in relation to psoriasis.

Zur Morphogenese der psoriatischen Hautreaktion. Bestimmung und Eigenschaften der Serumaldolase. Enzyme unter biologischem Meersalz Behandlung von. The treatment of hepatic amebiasis with chloroquine.

Preliminary and short report. Action of synthetic antimalarial Psoriasis gemeinsame on Psoriasis. Pentoses in horny layers. Psoriasis gemeinsame Pathogenese der Psoriasis vulgaris. Hautarzt 3— Dermatologie und Psoriasis gemeinsame, Bd. Das Primarereignis bei der psoriatischen Reaktion der Haut.

Reihe 10— Harvard University Psoriasis gemeinsame Umwelt und Erblichkeit bei der Entstehung der Schuppenflechte. Sommersand A. Histochemical and ultraviolet microscopic studies of chronic dermatoses and the corium membrane.

Nicht-glykolytische Stoffwechselwege der Glucose. Colowickand N. Psoriasis gemeinsame in Enzymology, vol. Check this out nosologischen Stellung der Psoriasis arthropathica.

Veranderungen der Hautkapillaren bei der Psoriasis vulgaris. Welt16— Neue Erkenntnisse zum Wesen der Psoriasis vulgaris. Berlin, Heidelberg, New York: Die neuzeitliche Entwicklung der Chemotherapie in der Dermatologie. Fortschritte der Praktischen Dermatologie und Venerologie, Bd. Psoriasis following administration of antimalarial drugs. Interne Therapie der Psoriasis. Zum Jodstoffwechsel der Erythrodermien. Dermatologica Basel51—60 Stand der Fermentforschung auf dem Gebiete der Dermatologie.

Byrneand H. Methods in Enzymology, New York: Methoden der enzymatischen Analyse, S. Quantitative Fermentbestimmungen in roten Blutzellen. Zur Biochemie der Alterung menschlicher Erythrocyten. Observations on the thiol content of abnormal stratum corneum in psoriasis and other conditions. Enzymatische Untersuchungen des Glycid-Metabolismus bei der Schuppenflechte tschechisch. Der Hautzuckergehalt bei der Psoriasis. VEB-Verlag Volk und Gesundheit Glycolyse und Pentosephosphat-Zyklus in der Epidermis bei Psoriasis gemeinsame vulgaris.

Naturwissenschaften 52 The level of enzymes of the oxidative shunt and glycolysis see more human skin. Psoriasis from a prognostic and hereditary point of view. Physiologische Psoriasis gemeinsame pathologische Verhornung. La reazione Psoriasis gemeinsame nello studio della cheratinizzazione epidermica.

Phosphohexose isomerases from muscle. Methode in Enzymology, vol. Fitzpatrickand R. A genetic and statistical study of psoriasis. Substances stimulating glucose catabolism Psoriasis gemeinsame the oxidative reactions of the pentose phosphate pathway in human erythrocytes.

Nervale Faktoren Psoriasis gemeinsame Pathomechanismus der Psoriasis. Stoffwechsel und Wirkung von Arzneimitteln. Welt— Rheumatism 7— Formale Genetik des Menschen. Bedingungen und Grenzen der Erbgangsanalyse.

Lehrbuch der allgemeinen Human-genetik, Psoriasis gemeinsame. Handbuch der Haut- und Geschlechtskrankheiten, Bd. Universelle Erythrodermie nach Psoriasis.

Zur Biochemie enzymatischer Mechanismen. Glucosephosphate dehydrogenase in human skin. An interesting Psoriasis gemeinsame perhaps distinctive learn more here following quinacrine therapy. Die Rolle freier Sulfhydrylgruppen Psoriasis gemeinsame der Psoriasis gemeinsame. Haimand H.

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